Summer Spending – Don’t break the bank!

Oh summertime…glorious, glorious summertime. So many exciting things to do and so little time.

Packing all of that fun into such a short season (for us in the Maritime’s anyway) can play havoc on your bank account.

Luckily there are many, many things to do that takes little to no money. And given that this is Canada’s 150th Birthday, there are events and celebrations happening across the Country that can be taken advantage of.

FREE Camping

One of the most exciting announcement earlier this year was the Free Camping Passes available – the 2017 Discovery Pass – allowing you to camp at any of Canada’s national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites across the country! Click the link above to get yours…there’s still time to take advantage of this generous offer.


Happy Birthday Canada!

There are amazing events and celebrations and specials and offers and so much more…check out their Information Page –  Canada’s 150th – for events in your neck of the woods 🙂

Across the Country Freebies

There are so many things you can do, regardless of which province you are in. Found this great little site that breaks it down by province, so whether you are looking for events in your backyard, or planning a trip to a neighboring province, there is something for everyone – Free things to do in Canada

More Fun Things to Do!

Looking for a simpler list of things you and your loved ones can do to create lasting memories for pennies, here’s a list to get you started:

  • Plan a Picnic – it can be in your backyard, at the local beach, in a near-by campground.
  • Visit local museums – every location has one, or two, or more. When was the last time you explored the history of your own town, community or province.
  • Beach Day! – need I say more? Make a list of local beaches or swimming holes and plan to visit a new place every week or every second week. make it an adventure as well as a fund day.
  • Go on a hike – take your camera, and maybe even your Dog (make sure the hiking spot is pet-friendly), pack a lunch and some water and spend they day exploring the outdoors
  • Tent in the Backyard / or a Friend’s Backyard – This is a great way to give kids the camping experience without having to go far from home, or get them out of the house so you can have some alone time 😉 .. or leave them in the house and you can sleep under the stars.
  • Plan a Boat Trip – you can join an existing charter (deep sea fishing, whale watching), or plan to spend the day on your own boat or a friends boat. Don’t want to impose? Pack up and ask them to drop you off at an Island for a few hours for some summer fun.
  • Plan a Backyard Pot-Luck BBQ – invite friends and/or family and have everyone bring a dish (I’m not referring to Uncle Joe’s new girlfriend! gasp!), set up a lawn game, and maybe a tent with some air mattresses for overnight guests.
  • Use your imagination to come up with something not on this list!

Whatever you do…have an amazingly fun summer :0)

Wishing you all happy, healthy, finances.

Mary Ann Marriott
aka Dr. Debt

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