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Where do I turn when my finances fall apart?

Asking for personal help has to be one of the most difficult things to do. Whether it’s for relationship advice, parenting advice or financial advice, nobody wants to admit they can’t go it alone....

Navigating the Fee Infested Waters of Debt Counselling 0

Navigating the Fee Infested Waters of Debt Counselling

There is a disturbing trend happening in the Credit Counselling Industry. Companies are popping up online with toll free numbers, promises of reduced interest rates and manageable monthly payments.


Do I have to pay to file Bankruptcy?

I know…it seems wrong doesn’t it? You are in a state of having to consider filing for bankruptcy and you find out that you have to pay. Often I get asked, “How can someone pay you if they are bankrupt?”. More often than not, the amount you are required to pay into your bankruptcy, is a manageable payment considering what you are required to pay to maintain your current debt (let alone pay it off). This simple Bankruptcy Payment Calculator will help you estimate what that payment might be.