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The lighter side of Bankruptcy 0

The lighter side of Bankruptcy

I’m starting this blog with a little joke that found it’s way to me in my inbox. And it goes like this… A businessman was in a great deal of trouble. His business was...

Why my 7 year old had to pay for daycare 0

Why my 7 year old had to pay for daycare

Oh the joys and costs of juggling kids during summer vacation. They want to be home and then are bored by the lack of new scenery. Deciding whether to keep them home, pawn the off on family and friends, put them in daycamp, or let them tag along while you work, can be a daunting task. Read on to find out how one little boy and his stressed out Mum learned a valuable lesson one frantic morning.


Savings hidden among the books

We have a weekly tradition in our household. Every week, assuming they have earned it, we stop at the local convenience store, where my kids get to pick out a movie. We head to the non new-release section. Its a great deal. A 3 day rental for 2.00. The kids get an entire weekend of entertainment (assuming they have time to watch the movies. And if they don’t, it’s only 4 bucks.)