Pay it Forward?

One of my fondest memories of growing up is witnessing the helping hand we always seemed to lend as a family. Dad ran a local automotive shop and it was not unusual to have a couple who had broken down and were stranded sitting in our living room having tea, or Mum offering them some hot soup that was simmering for supper. With 7 siblings, living in a small community, we often had friends over. It amazes me looking back at how freely and selflessly Mum and Dad would open heir home and, often, their fridge to those who stopped by. I am certain that is where my desire to help those who need it was born. Everyday I am grateful to be working in an industry where I can shine some light on an otherwise dark time in someone life.


I love the phrase, “If money was not an issue, what would you do with your days?”. My answer is that I would help more people, more often, and provide a free service to those with little or no resources at their disposal.


I often have others ask me how they can help. I gratefully accept donations and lovingly pay it forward to those in need.

This is a new venture for me, posting a public invitation. In an effort to show how your loving kindness is helping others, I will be posting success stories of how “paying it forward” has worked it’s magic.

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Stories of giving…

She Lost her husband and her will to survive…

I had a wonderful lady in to see me, so sweet. Her husband was her life. He died unexpectedly. Her income dropped dramatically. Her son suffered from mental health issues and so supporting him was a priority, but her reduced income wasn’t enough to pay the basic bills let alone the meagher credit they had to pay. I wish I could have taken all of her financial worries away 🙁 but I couldn’t. I was, however, able to send her a gift card in the mail for some groceries. A small token but one that she appreciated. Thank you for making that possible. Xo

She overcame insurmountable odds. The struggle is not over yet!

The day I met her in my office, I thought she had a disability. She walked with two walking aids and her speech was slurred. Turns out she had been in a car accident many years ago and had suffered a head injury. Yet she was optimistic and upbeat. She was between jobs but could not yet apply for a job as she had to have a hip replacement and needed to recover before working. She had no family nearby to help and would be laid up for a few months. Getting to the grocery store was difficult enough, but a fruitless effort, as there was no little for groceries. She had no idea what she was going to do during her recovery period. I know it wasn’t much, but I promptly put a $100 gift card to the local grocery store in a ‘Money Angel’ card, addressed it to her and put it in the mail in hopes that she could stock up on some groceries to help during the recovery period.