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Why my 7 year old had to pay for daycare 0

Why my 7 year old had to pay for daycare

Oh the joys and costs of juggling kids during summer vacation. They want to be home and then are bored by the lack of new scenery. Deciding whether to keep them home, pawn the off on family and friends, put them in daycamp, or let them tag along while you work, can be a daunting task. Read on to find out how one little boy and his stressed out Mum learned a valuable lesson one frantic morning.


Sometimes Financial Counsellors Need Help Too

Its true! Just because we help people find solutions to their financial woes, doesn’t mean we don’t have our own.

I’m sure fitness instructors sometimes have lazy periods, Investment advisors have lost money and great chefs order pizzas. The point is, we are all human and we all make less-than-perfect choices once in awhile. In fact, it is our very mistakes that help us help you. As other has been heard saying, “do as I say. Not as I do”.

Bankruptcy Pep Talk 0

Bankruptcy Pep Talk

So often, people come to me, embarrassed and ashamed that they are facing bankruptcy, or a similar compromise of debt. They feel that they have failed. They are hard on themselves in a way that is not productive. I created this pep talk in an effort to help them through this cross road in their life. Feel free to share this with anyone who you feel would benefit from it.


Talking to Collection Agents 101

The method that works best depends on who is on the other end of the line, their personality/style and maybe on the success or failure of the call before you. Some agents are understanding and sympathetic. Others, well, not so much. They have an agenda and will not waiver from it. The following are some “tips” to help you take some of the stress of these conversations.

Beware the word CONSOLIDATION! 2

Beware the word CONSOLIDATION!

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Consolidation”? Do you envision all of your debts being ‘paid off’ leaving you with the manageable obligation of one monthly payment? If so, you are thinking about a “Consolidation Loan”. A financial institution loans you money by paying off your debt and you pay them back. With interest, of course. Nowadays, the word “consolidation” is being used in a much more liberal term

Savings does not equal affordable 0

Savings does not equal affordable

I’m in my car. On my way to work. Listening to the radio. And one commercial catches my attention.

A lady comes home with a shopping bag. Her husbands asks what’s in it and then exclaims, “Don’t you have enough dresses?” (Like that’s actually possible). She replies, “But honey, they were 70 percent off”. He pauses and then replies, “That’s a lot.” In reality, this is a general perception. If it’s on sale and I’m getting such a great bargain, I should buy this.