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Are you a Hot Commodity?

Financial institutions – banks, credit card companies, etc. have money. And they need to invest this money. And they need to make money on their investment. They do not loan us money because they like us, or we need it and our goals are important to them. (I am speaking from an institution perspective, your loans officer may care about you and your goals – the good ones anyway). They loan us money because they are investing in us

Your Bank Relationsip – A Reason, A Season or A Lifetime? 0

Your Bank Relationsip – A Reason, A Season or A Lifetime?

We seem to have this notion that we entered into a “till death do us part” commitment when we opened that new credit account with the bank. The reality is, we entered into a somewhat superficial relationship. I’m not knocking the banks. They provide a specific service to a specific target market. And they do it well. That’s why they are reporting increased profits on a regular basis. What I am saying, is you need to accept that this is a relationship that will serve you well if you don’t hit any major roadblocks along the way.


Happy about Mad Money

A retired couple, who came to me for financial advice, were in for one of their follow up Counselling Sessions. I had them track their spending for the previous month and was asking them how they did. They felt they had done a good job except for the fact that (in her words) her husband did not get receipts. He was openly frustrated with this requirement to account for every cent spent.


A hidden treasure in Diary of a Wimpy Kid

When my kids first started bringing the books home, I wasn’t crazy about the “wimpy kid”. He seemed a bit, well, jilted and rude. But the wimpy kid stayed around, the books came home from the library and the movie appeared several times at different events. And then, something magical happened


Do couples prefer to talk about sex or money?

Talking about money can be more difficult that discussing sex in a relationship. Yet finances are a thread that runs through every relationship and an open dialogue on the subject is essential to the success of a couple’s unity. The following are some guidelines for cleaning the lines of communication – for love and for money!

The lighter side of Bankruptcy 0

The lighter side of Bankruptcy

I’m starting this blog with a little joke that found it’s way to me in my inbox. And it goes like this… A businessman was in a great deal of trouble. His business was...