7 Advantages of professional debt consolidation advice

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If you have multiple debts, you may face difficulty in making all your bill payments on time. In such a situation, like everyone, you too will wish to get rid of your bills. You can pay off all your bills by obtaining a consolidation loan. You can also seek help from professional debt consolidation companies. They advise you and offer you services to tackle your debt problems.

How can you benefit by professional debt consolidation advice?

Professional consolidation companies provide you with financial advice and help you combine multiple bills into one. They also offer you other benefits. These are: 

    * Free counseling: A certified counselor of the company will analyze your monetary situation and will help you determine your financial goals.

     * Communicate with creditors: A representative of the consolidation company will effectively communicate with your creditors. Your creditors may stop harassing you with collection calls.

     * Negotiate to reduce interest rate: The representative will negotiate with your creditors to reduce the rate of interest on all your bills.

     * Eliminate other charges: The company representative will also negotiate with your creditors to help you eliminate or reduce late charges and over limit fees. 

    * Convenient repayment plan: The consolidation company prepares a repayment plan for you based on your credit needs and gets it approved from your creditors.

     * Replace multiple payments with one: Instead of making separate bill payments, you have to make a single reduced monthly payment to the consolidation company and they will disburse it on time to all your creditors.

     * Become debt free: With the help of a professional consolidation advice, you can pay off all your debts within 4-6 years.

 There are also various non-profit debt relief companies that offer debt consolidation programs. By enrolling in one such program, you can obtain relief services at a lower cost. However, you must remember that there are less reputable companies. So, you must verify the company’s status before seeking consolidation advice from them. You must check its accreditations.

For details on all of your options, and an outline of the benefits and disadvantages of each, contact Dr. Debt (info@drdebt.ca) to arrange  free consultation.

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