Savings does not equal affordable

I’m in my car. On my way to work. Listening to the radio. And one commercial catches my attention.

A lady comes home with a shopping bag. Her husbands asks what’s in it and then exclaims, “Don’t you have enough dresses?” (Like that’s actually possible)

She replies, “But honey, they were 70 percent off”. He pauses and then replies, “That’s a lot. ”

The message closing off the commercial is, “Save money. Save on explanations”.

This strikes a chord with me on so many levels. First there are all those dresses in my closet (just kidding. I feel confident I have a reasonable number and I wear them all). What resonates with me is the fact that this is a general perception. If it’s on sale and I’m getting such a great bargain, I should buy this.

Of course we don’t know how much the dresses in the commercial cost before the sale. 70 percent off of a 500 dollar dress is still a good chunk of change.

And did she pay cash or use credit? A sale may be well and good, but if you pay for it on credit, and take several months or years (yikes) to pay for it, the total cost of the use of credit could eat up the savings.

The bottom line is, your budget should dictate what you spend, not the ultimate sale price.

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