Savings hidden among the books

We have a weekly tradition in our household. Every week, assuming they have earned it, we stop at the local convenience store, where my kids get to pick out a movie. We head to the non new-release section. Its a great deal. A 3 day rental for 2.00. The kids get an entire weekend of entertainment (assuming they have time to watch the movies. And if they don’t, it’s only 4 bucks.)

For their birthdays this year, I thought I would take them to the library to get their very own library cards. My 8-year-old daughter is an avid reader and I’m hoping my 6-year-old son will develop a taste for books. We were just getting ready to check out their books when I remember, “the library has movies too”. So off we go.

Two movies. No cost. 7 day rental. Hmmmmm. I think I will change our weekly tradition. That will save us 16.00 a month. With the monthly savings maybe we will go to the movie theatres once in awhile. =)

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