Sometimes Financial Counsellors Need Help Too

Its true! Just because we help people find solutions to their financial woes, doesn’t mean we don’t have our own.

I’m sure fitness instructors sometimes have lazy periods, Investment advisors have lost money and great chefs order pizzas. The point is, we are all human and we all make less-than-perfect choices once in awhile. In fact, it is our very mistakes that help us help you. As other has been heard saying, “do as I say. Not as I do”.

So, here’s my confession. I have been suffering from a low credit rating for, oh my, ten years at least. What can I say, life happened – self-employment + two kids – no maternity leave + husband parental leave = dependency on credit / over-extension / drop in credit rating. And we’ve been struggling ever since to get back on track

And get back on track we will! Why? Because we are determined. We are working together. And I am a financial counsellor after all. Which basically means I have the skills, tools, resources to get out of this mess.

It is those skills and experiences that I, and my fellow Dr. Debts, share with you to help you on your financial path of success.

Update (3 months later)…my credit score increased by 50 points +.  How you ask? I followed my own advice. More specifically, I did the following:

– talked to someone who knew more than me about repairing credit ratings.  “Use your resources!”
– committed to stop using any new credit for three months. It took some juggling and commitment. “Prepare/review or revise your spending plan”
– Re-arranged my existing credit. I had to obatain new credit at a higher rate of interest and move some of my additional credit to avoid being maxed out. “Never max out your credit limits”
– Stayed on track for three months. “Commit to your plan”

There is no magic solution. The right steps may vary depending upon the circumstances. The common lesson is, don’t give up. Find a way that works for you and commit to it.

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