What you say IS what you get!

I was reading a money blog recently and the topic was “Focus on Opportunities not Obstacles”. The point was that we need to change the way we talk to ourselves if we want to break free of old patterns.

What you say to yourself, what you ask yourself, is so important. Because you ALWAYS get the answer to your question. But often that’s not the answer your seeking.

Confused yet? Lol, stay with me, and I will help you make sense of this concept…promise!

The Law of Attraction

First, we need to take a little detour and talk about The Law of Attraction. Aka Abundance. Aka the Universe delivering to that which matches your energy.

For example, if you ask the question, “Why am I always struggling financially?” You will get answers (proof) that support (answer) that question.

Answers like
…you spend too much money.
…you impulse spend.
…you have no money management skills.
…your suck at budgeting.
(We can go much deeper here and get into past programming)
…you don’t deserve more.
…you’re not worthy.

In other words, what’s highlighted in your life are all of the things that keep you struggling financially. And when you spend all or most of your time focusing on those things, you keep yourself in a state of struggling financially.

It’s not that good things don’t happen to you, or that opportunities don’t present themselves, it’s more that you don’t see them.

If you simply change the question, you change the answers!

Let’s play with this and and see what happens…

Let’s ask…”Why am I thriving financially?” Or, if that is too much a stretch for you (it can be challenging for your subconscious to accept it as truth. In fact, your subconscious will often shut down the thought if it’s too far from your dominant thought) maybe try “Why I am seeing improvement with my finances?” And see if that’s an easier question. And then pay attention to the answers that come.

You might get answers like...
…your valuing your money more.
…your learning new money management skills.
…you found new ways to save money.
…you got a great new job.

Do you see (feel) how much more expanded and supportive those answers are in comparison to the previous ones?

I know this can be a really BIG concept, but I hope that you can get the simplicity of it and let the bigger parts of it come together for you on their own…when you change the question you are asking, or the statement you are saying (you know!… that sabotaging self-talk!), the answers, the proof that backs up the new statement, will start to show up in your life.

Don’t believe me? Just try it on for size and see how it fits.

Next time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about your finances, pause…find the polar opposite thought, phrase it into a question, and see what happens.

Or just borrow this one.. “Why are things improving for me financially?”

Wishing you…Happy Healthy Finances!




Mary Ann Marriott
aka Dr Debt

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