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Are you willing to let go for your greater good?

What does a passionate business owner, a devoted home owner and a drug addict have in common?

I will admit, this is the start of a very bad attempt at a joke, and the punch line is, well, anything but punchy. The answer is, they are unwilling to let go of an addiction for their higher good. What brings this up you ask? Or maybe you didn’t, but I bet you are wondering, “what in the world is this girl talking about?”…


When should you rent a couch?

I have to say that one of the most recent trends I am seeing concerns me greatly. Renting Furniture and Appliances! At first I thought I was misunderstanding. “So, if you don’t pay it, you lose the furniture and all of your money, correct?” I asked. The very distraught couple across from me, who according to their budget cannot afford the $300 per month they are paying for their furniture, nodded with sadness.


Price vs Cost!

I had coffee with a colleague of mine a few weeks back and we had a lively discussion on the price versus the cost of items. I loved the concept so much I asked her to send me her a guest blog on the subject. I like the different perspective this gives us on purchases we make as we tend to focus on the obvious “price” but not necessarily the “cost” to us and the “benefit” received.

The Cost of Convenience 0

The Cost of Convenience

I remember listening to the radio one morning and BJ and Bobby Mac (The Q104 Morning Crew) were discussing the purchase of a new fridge. Apparently Bobby Macs ice cube maker wasn’t working. Bobby...


Does Breaking Your Mortgage Make Sense?

With mortgage rates still hovering at historic lows, chances are you’ve considered breaking your current mortgage and renewing now before rates begin to rise.

Perhaps you want to free up cash for such things as renovations, travel or putting towards your children’s education? Or maybe you want to pay down debt or pay your mortgage off faster? In some cases, the penalty can be quite substantial if you aren’t very far into your mortgage term, but we can determine if breaking your mortgage now will benefit you long term.

Deals Delivered to Your Door 2

Deals Delivered to Your Door

We live in an ever-accommodating society. No longer do we have to go out and look for deals, they are delivered to our doorstep. I can see the credit companies doing a little jig at this wonderful new shopping sensation. Unfortunately our pocket books aren’t necessarily doing the same jig.


Breaking up with Credit

I envy people who have no debt. I want to be like them. I really do. I have the skills, I have the desire, yet it seems like a goal floating in the wind. I can see it. And almost touch it but it keeps floating away from my grasp. Oh I’ve made some progress over the years, but unsteady income, child care and investments in my education have all ensured I don’t get too far away from debt. Not yet anyway. But I’m nothing if not persistent!


Are you a Hot Commodity?

Financial institutions – banks, credit card companies, etc. have money. And they need to invest this money. And they need to make money on their investment. They do not loan us money because they like us, or we need it and our goals are important to them. (I am speaking from an institution perspective, your loans officer may care about you and your goals – the good ones anyway). They loan us money because they are investing in us