Common sense approach “Trumped” by Snake-oil Salesman

I’m not much for following politics. I mean, I care, but I don’t get wrapped up in it. I don’t see the point. I’m the eternal optimist, always looking at the sunny side, and, well, let’s face it, that’s a challenge when you look at our political structure, so I generally don’t go looking for information, instead I let the “highlights” keep me informed.

That’s arguably been difficult lately with the goings-on next door. And although I did not watch the inauguration live yesterday, I did scan the airwaves for highlights this morning. Which reminded me why I don’t do this normally. Sigh!

Optimism meets Reality

I did come across this paragraph, which I think sums up my “hopes” to a T…

‘Even the haters and losers memorialized in Mr. Trump’s tweets hoped that the noble mantle of the presidency would make him, on this monumental day, presidential. That he would put his hands on Lincoln’s Bible, summon the better angels of his nature from the cave to which they’d been banished, and rise to the occasion. Perhaps, we hoped, a fairy tale transformation would occur at the stroke of noon, and a sexist bully would magically transform into a man of grace and compassion, who would unite his fractured country. It was not to be.” Full article here.

Decisions of Desperation

My husband, who does follow this stuff and is usually the one to keep me informed is expressing his disbelief as to why people voted in the 45th President. I kind of get it ….not to say I support it…but I can see the type of desperation for change that would lead to Trump supporters. They want what he is offering. Not him per se…but what he is promising to deliver. A Free America. A Prosperous America. And herein lies why I am posting this on a Debt Blog. Because ultimately our neighbors are experiencing what many are experiencing across the word in 1st world countries..a tightening of their financial belts. Let’s face it, our relationship with Money has been put to the test over the past few years (decades?). And they want what we all want, financial security, prosperity. And maybe a bit more…having been the ‘wealthiest nation’ in the past, and feeling that slip away, they want it back. Can’t blame them really. As I sit here in Canada watching us struggle with Health Care, Education and basic infrastructure costs and challenges, you can sort of appreciate that if a ‘snake-oil salesman’ came breezing through town promising the magic solution, we all might want to buy it with our last remaining dollars.

The Financial Struggle Starts at Home

I guess my point it, It’s just a bigger version of a smaller issue. Households are feeling the pinch of the increased cost of living, their own excessive spending (consumerism) combined with an unhealthy dependency on credit, frozen wages, unsteady employment, etc. Canada has it’s struggles with this on a National basis, as does the US as does many other countries. It’s hard to be on top one minute and falling behind the next. It’s frustrating  to struggle and watch your neighbours next door take trips, buy ATV’s, live the good life. (Or the Nation next door invest in land and businesses in neighbouring countries, enjoy a functional medical system, etc.). And sometimes, we make irrational decisions to try to fix our finances, like high-interest payday loans, consolidation loans, gambling, etc. (Imposing high taxes to force the sale of local get the drift). Trying to fix your finances as a Nation by shutting your door and holeing yourself up inside, limiting your spending and cutting off the outside world feels a bit like trying to fix your household budget by staying home, only shopping in your local community, and cutting off any perks that your local community doesn’t produce or sell, like, I don’t know, cell phones, cable, internet, vehicles, etc. (I live in a small rural community, as I look around my home, the contents would be a whole lot different if I only bought in my small, rural community. I wouldn’t have a comfy mattress, or appliances, no TV, that sewing machine would be gone, the mattresses on my bed..none of that is manufactured locally). Oh, wait, I just described the standard of living in a 3rd World county. There just seems to be something wrong with this picture….

Wishing all my neighbours across the globe Happy, Healthy Finances!




Mary Ann Marriott
aka Dr Debt

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