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What amazes me is the way our relationship with credit has changed. It used to be that we used credit sparingly for things like a mortgage or car loan. Households maybe had one credit card; two was pushing it. Now it seems, that as a society, we use it excessively for everything from houses to trips to groceries…

…Its not uncommon for a household to have two mortgages, another loan or line of credit, and three or four credit cards.

As with all new relationships, there are new challenges, mistakes to be made, and lessons to learn.

I hope you will find some resources here to help you evaluate and strengthen your relationship with credit. Maybe you’ll stay together. Maybe you will decide this relationship isn’t working for you. Who knows! I promise you one thing. You WILL learn something. And you will be better off in the end.

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  1. Molly says:

    Great site. Hope to see some new stuff soon. Very informative.

  2. What blog script do you use on your site ?

  3. Debt consolidation definitly seems to be becoming as a realistic solution for individuals suffering with unsecured debt. I have been watching the market pretty closely and it is more and more difficult to to define what you receive for the investment in debt settlement. It is obvious that there are a large group of debt settlement companies in today’s market that deliver superb solutions and the customers truely get great benefit, but I also know there are a group of debt service providers marketing their services that are focused on collecting customer payments and signing up new subscribers. This is obviosly why there seems to be all this new fed regulation surrounding the debt negotiation industry. My brother in law worked with a debt operation and is very happy happy with the solution that was provided.

    • Thank you for your valuable input and you are so correct. It is extremely important to ensure you are getting good, ethical service especially with todays internet businesss popping up. You don’t always know who you are dealing with. The Banruptcy industry actually moniors this by asking those who come in for assessments if they have received prior advice and/or paid for that advice. It’s nice to know someone is at least watching out for our interests.

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