Category: Money Motivation Moments


Breathe new life into your budget

Payday comes, the money goes into your bank account, you leave some in to cover the automatic withdrawals, pay some bills online, head to the grocery store, fill up the gas tank on the way and start your next pay cycle. Often with little or no thought to how well it is working. Sometimes you just need to pause…take a few deep breaths…and look at things from a different angle. Then ask yourself, “what can I do to make this better?”. You might be surprised at the answers that present themselves.


Becoming more financially concious

I recently met with a couple who had to rely on the Bankruptcy system to get their feet back on the ground. We chatted about the cause of their financial difficulties and what they learned from the process. And I asked them what advice they would offer to the generation after them. What I heard was a familiar story. Not a story about how they overspent, took too many trips, bought too many things (although that is a story I hear sometimes), but a story about how life dealt them a hand, they decided which cards to keep and in retrospect, wish they had made a different choice. Ahhhh, life lessons! What would we do without them? My philosophy: If we didn’t make any mistakes our lives would be oh-so-boring. So, get ‘er done! Make as many as you can early on in life so you can make less in your later years. 🙂