Breathe New Life Into Your Finances

Breathe New Life into Your Finaces ~ PDF

I routinely give a one-hour workshop on money management. When I give that presentation, I often hear the same thing… “Your talk should be longer”. 

I agree! 

It is a challenge doing the financial topic justice in an hour. The facilitator agrees as well, however, there is only so much time and lots of information to cover. So, I thought, “Why not create a pdf of the workshop with ALL of the information, not just the stuff I get to cover on the hour with you?”. And I did. You can download it for FREE below. And add it to your Financial Resources. 🙂

Download here: PDF – Breathe New Life into Your Finances

Wishing you all…happy healthy finances now and in retirement. 


Mary Ann Marriott 
aka Dr Debt

"Attendee Testimonials"

Awesome info & delivery. Thank You!
You were a fantastic presenter *