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When should you rent a couch?

I have to say that one of the most recent trends I am seeing concerns me greatly. Renting Furniture and Appliances! At first I thought I was misunderstanding. “So, if you don’t pay it, you lose the furniture and all of your money, correct?” I asked. The very distraught couple across from me, who according to their budget cannot afford the $300 per month they are paying for their furniture, nodded with sadness.


Price vs Cost!

I had coffee with a colleague of mine a few weeks back and we had a lively discussion on the price versus the cost of items. I loved the concept so much I asked her to send me her a guest blog on the subject. I like the different perspective this gives us on purchases we make as we tend to focus on the obvious “price” but not necessarily the “cost” to us and the “benefit” received.


The Best Kept Secret of Investing

The story both excites me and terrifies me. It excites me because I have the opportunity to motivate others to do what I have not done. It terrifies be because I had not followed my friends advice and am now wishing I had spent less money on suede jackets, killer heels and drinks at the Misty Moon and had saved that money instead. So I urge you, read this, and pass it along to anyone in your life who can benefit from it today!