Hi 🙂 I’m Mary Ann…
people call me Dr. Debt.

By day, I am a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates. In my spare time you will find me under my persona “Dr Debt” sharing tips, tricks and techniques to help you have happier, healthier, finances. 

My story….

I’m the youngest of a family of 8. My mother taught me that money is to be spent wisely, sparingly and that you spend on your needs, not your wants. Mum was a stay-at-home Mum for all of my life. Money was tight. Yet I never recall us running out of necessities and we always seemed to have an extra kid around from the neighborhood staying for supper. My father taught me that you work hard for your money, he ran his own garage and every one of us worked there at some point. At the end of the day we helped roll the coins to be deposited. Some of my fondest memories are of finding special coins in among the regular pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters. (There were no loonies and toonies those days. Well, not the monetary loonies anyway *grin* ). Given our wise parents, one would think that all eight of us were wise and conscious with our money, making good financial decisions. Sadly only a few fit that description. The rest of us? Well, let’s just say we had lots of life lessons over the years and I am pretty sure they are not over yet.

Two decades ago I stumbled into the world of Bankruptcy, as an employee I mean. Although I had a slight altercation with the other side of it in my early adult years. That’s a whole other story. I am so thankful that my path led me here. Not only have I learned A LOT about the world of credit and finance and money management, albeit not early enough to avoid some  financially disastrous moments (hey! life is one big lesson. I figure the more mistakes you make, and the earlier you make them, the better. Put them behind you and move on!), but I have the immense pleasure and good fortune of helping others avoid the mistakes I’ve made, and so many more, every day.

Nowhere in our lives are we taught how to manage money or how to wisely use credit. We may have learned from our parents, but that is making the assumption, a VERY BIG assumption in some cases, that they knew what they were doing. We basically are thrown out in the world and expected to figure it out. That doesn’t happen without a few bumps and bruises.

I’m here to help minimize the financial bumps and bruises, or, when the pain is far more drastic, help pick you up, brush you off, and set you back on your feet, and help guide you to a brighter financial future. I absolutely love what I do and I am grateful for every opportunity to help breathe new life into your financial future.

Happy finances!

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Mary Ann Marriott, CIRP
Trustee in Bankruptcy
aka Dr. Debt


As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associate I have the privilege of helping individuals take control of their financial situation and move from financially wounded to financially wonderful. You can find my professional bio here: www.wecanhelp.ca