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Maximize Your Credit Score!

Mary Ann Marriott, LIT, CIRP
Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Your Credit Score is SO important these days… it impacts your interest rate (cost of borrowing), ability to get a cell phone or rent an apartment, the cost of your insurance and more!

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Maximize Your Credit Score Masterclass!

The next class starts Tuesday, September 11th, 2019  7:00 PM AST 

and runs each week for four weeks

There are two ways to participate – by phone or online via video conference.

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In addition to being invited to this event, you also have access to the Private Facebook Group for ongoing support & guidance. 

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And, are you ready for the best part?… the first 20 people to sign up get the entire thing for FREE! Say what?!?
Part of my way of helping you have
Happier, Healthier Finances!
Why am I doing this? Because I need your feedback and I believe in equal exchanges. So, as a thank you for your commitment to attend each session, and your honest feedback on the delivery and content, I am comping your attendance. Oh yeah! I said it! And I’m doing it!

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